What We Do

Between well-meaning friends and their sometimes not-so-good advice, and the seemingly limitless amounts of sales pitches from lawyers and websites, there is so much information available to someone looking to get a divorce. There should be some way to figure out what's right for you! OnlineDivorce.net is here to help you make your own educated decision about your divorce.

Divorce Basics

A divorce encompasses everything that was a part of the marriage: alimony, child custody and support, what happens to the marital home, even who gets the dog. These are all things that need to be considered.

You Have Options

There are many different ways to get a divorce. Some people have an amicable divorce and prefer to do it themselves. Others are involved in a knock down, drag out war, and need to seek the services of divorce attorneys. Still others are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum and would benefit from hiring a mediator. Perhaps you would even rather stop your divorce altogether! What is the right choice for you?