DIY When It’s Uncontested

In any jurisdiction, an uncontested divorce is a less expensive divorce. A spouse who wants to end a marriage can buy a do-it-yourself kit over the Internet that is custom-designed for an uncontested divorce in his or her home state. Before filing for an uncontested divorce pro se, however, a party should consider:

  • the self control of the other spouse, even when angry;
  • the rationality and thoughtfulness of the other partner;
  • any minor children in the marriage;
  • the size of the marital estate;
  • the employability of each spouse;
  • the ability of each party to support himself or herself;
  • the need for financial support;
  • the medical condition of each spouse and the need for health insurance; and
  • the level of trust between the spouses about property and debts, including credit card purchases.

When the spouses disagree on child issues, when one spouse is abusive, when one spouse is afraid of the other, when the spouses fight about the division of property, pro se divorce is not for them.

Some of the terms and conditions of a divorce order cannot be modified after the divorce. No one should make hasty decisions regarding the terms and conditions of a divorce, because the outcome of a divorce case affects the lives of parents and children for years to come for years to come.

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